Investing in real estate of Tsikhisdziri

Tsikhisdziri is not a large resort township at the coast of the Black Sea. Its touristic infrastructure starts to develop and may be a bit of a help for those who want to invest money in real estate.

Why to invest in Tsikhisdziri?

Tsikhisdziri is a special resort with a unique atmosphere, lemon groves, wild beaches and the majestic fortress of Petr, the investment potential of which only begins to be realized. Investing money in Tsikhisdziri housing has a lot of advantages.

  • Getting permanent residency in Tsikhisdziri

    Purchasing a flat in a new development or commercial real estate at the cost from $35 000 or more, gives the foreigner a right to apply for Georgian residency.

  • Quick payback

    Resort real estate in Georgia is paid back in 5-6 years and can bring up to 15% of profit per annum if it is given in a rent or up to 40% in case of selling.

  • Low prices

    The cost of housing in Tsikhisdziri is several times lower than, for example, in Batumi

  • Good business climate

    Country’s economics is oriented for small and medium business and investing in real estate of Tsikhisdziri.

  • Reliable and safe

    In Georgia, foreigners acquire housing on the basis of an unconditional right property, which guarantees the inviolability of their private property.

  • Remote deal

    Liberal legislation of Georgia allows to conclude a deal with real estate remotely via a real estate agent or directly with a development company without intermediates.

  • Low taxes

    Taxation for investors in Georgia is considered the lowest among countries the post-Soviet space and does not affect property of buyers who are not registered as taxpayers.

  • Excellent infrastructure

    In Tsikhisdziri, tourism infrastructure and transport, as well as social spheres are actively developing.

  • Obtaining a residence permit in Georgia

    Buying real estate at a price of 35,000 US dollars entitles a foreign citizen to a residence permit in the country. In the near future, the Georgian parliament plans to revise the size of investments in order to be able to apply for a residence permit, so those wishing to invest money with the right of permanent residence in the country should hurry up.

  • Fast payback

    When purchasing an apartment or commercial real estate, an investor can calculate an income of 10-15% per annum from rent if the square meters are located in the center of a large city.

  • Why to invest in REDCO?

    Why to invest in REDCO?

  • Good business climate

    Georgia is in the top 50 countries with a low level of corruption perception, and the country's government regularly implements reforms aimed at liberalizing the economy and reducing bureaucratic procedures for business.

How to invest in housing

Investing money in housing is a special type of investing that requires adhering to a few rules:

  • Determine purpose. Purchased real estate can be used both for personal and commercial goals.
  • Choose the object of real estate. This may be inexpensive flat, apartments or commercial square for shop, restaurant or bar.
  • Determine investing period. A foreign investor can count on paying back of investments during 3-5 years.
  • Define a strategy. Strategy of investments may lie in purchasing not finished real estate and its selling after planting handover for commissioning at a higher price. Or, one can purchase real estate for giving it in rent or starting business.
  • Choose a reliable seller. You can buy housing from an owner on a secondary market, or directly from a development company without intermediates.

Investing in Tsikhisdziri is investing money with a perspective of living at the coast of the Black Sea or starting business in developing resort area of Georgia.

Pitfalls while investing in Tsikhisdziri

Investing money in housing is a long-term investment that has both advantages and disadvantages. The main risks are:

  • Safe and secure

    increasing of inflation over expected level – the inflation in Georgia is about 4% per year;

  • Remote transaction

    decreasing the volumes of real estate market with further lessening the cost of property;

  • Low taxes

    drop in the national currency rate in case of transfer from lari to U.S. dollars;

  • Excellent infrastructure

    missing the date of plant handover for commissioning by developer.

A reliable developer is a guarantee of successful deal and qualitative housing. Development company Redco is a one of leaders of real estate market in Georgia. It offers to purchase housing from own catalog without intermediates with the opportunity to conclude a treaty remotely.

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  • How to earn from real estate in Tsikhisdziri

    It is possible to give real estate in rent and receive income up to 15% per annum or sell a few years after the acquisition, with up to 40% profit.

  • What is tax for real estate in Tsikhisdziri

    There is no tax for real estate in Georgia for a natural person who is not registered as a taxpayer in the county.

  • How to get permanent residence

    Investors who have bought real estate for $35,000 or more, as well as other categories of foreign citizens can get permanent residency for certain conditions that are described in the law “On the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Georgia”.

  • How can foreigner invest?

    It is possible to conclude a treaty with owner of housing, agent or directly development company, avoiding intermediates and extra expenditures.