Investing in real estate of Gudauri

Ski-resorts of Gudauri are considered to be one of the best in Georgia, and purchasing real estate here is a beneficial investment in developing tourist infrastructure of the region.

Why to invest in Gudauri?

Investing in real estate of Gudauri is purchasing housing in one of the most popular ski-resorts of the country that has a plenty of advantages.

  • Getting permanent residency in Gudauri

    An investor can apply for permanent residency in Georgia by investing money in flats, apartments or commercial space for business goals for amount $35 000 or more.

  • Fast payback

    Gudauri is actively developed. New ski-lifts, apart-hotels, and other necessary touristic infrastructure is built. It means that more investors will be interested in putting money in real estate, and increasing of its cost in near-term prospect.

  • Low prices

    The price for a square meter of housing in new buildings in Gudauri starts from $1500 that is much much lower in comparison to other ski-resorts of Sochi, Montenegro, Austria, with a quicker paying back – about 5 years.

  • Great business climate

    The government has carried out numerous reforms over past 10 years in Georgia. They simplified doing business in the country, investing for foreign citizens, significantly reduced the level of corruption and the number of bureaucratic procedures.

  • Reliable and safe

    Purchasing real estate in Georgia for foreigners is carried out basing on unconditional rights, which guarantee protection of the assets for the investor.

  • Remote deal

    Foreigners who want inexpensively purchase real estate in Gudauri but can’t visit the country at present time, can conclude a treaty remotely with the developers without intermediates or via agent.

  • Low taxes

    The government requires paying taxes for real estate only from registered taxpayers. They are from 0,05% at income up to $55 000.

  • Excellent infrastructure

    Gudauri is a fast-developing resort that has a good touristic and transport infrastructure that keep on becoming better.

  • Obtaining a residence permit in Georgia

    Buying real estate at a price of 35,000 US dollars entitles a foreign citizen to a residence permit in the country. In the near future, the Georgian parliament plans to revise the size of investments in order to be able to apply for a residence permit, so those wishing to invest money with the right of permanent residence in the country should hurry up.

  • Fast payback

    When purchasing an apartment or commercial real estate, an investor can calculate an income of 10-15% per annum from rent if the square meters are located in the center of a large city.

  • Why to invest in REDCO?

    Why to invest in REDCO?

  • Good business climate

    Georgia is in the top 50 countries with a low level of corruption perception, and the country's government regularly implements reforms aimed at liberalizing the economy and reducing bureaucratic procedures for business.

How to invest in housing

The acquisition of real estate is a serious step, that’s why an investor should follow several rules:

  • Determine the purpose of investing. This may be purchasing apartments for own rest or commercial goals, giving it in rent, or selling.
  • Select the type of real estate. Apartments in hotels, space for shops and cafes are popular in Gudauri.
  • Decide on investing period. It is required up to five years to get payback from investing in New Gudauri. Taking into consideration the active development of the area and increased interest from the investors, you can get your money back already in three years.
  • Choose strategy. It is possible to invest money in finished or still building housing. Everything depends on whether you aim to use real estate at once or resell housing when it is ready.
  • Choose a reliable partner. It is better to choose real estate from developers with a great reputation and impressive experience of work in the market.

Georgian real estate market is opened for foreign investors, so it is possible to purchase housing in Gudauri even remotely.

Pitfalls while investing in Gudauri

Resort real estate is justly considered as the most profitable because it is not connected with the housing market, but the touristic industry. Still, there are some nuances that you must be aware of:

  • Safe and secure

    reducing the touristic flow and a result, decreasing housing profitability;

  • Remote transaction

    shifting of the exchange rate, that is important for people who purchased real estate in the mortgage;

  • Low taxes

    missed delivery of the facility with a delay in commissioning, which means financial loss;

  • Excellent infrastructure

    problems of the developer related to documents for land for construction, debt, or other factors.

It is better to start investing in Gudauri with a reliable partner. Development company Redco has been working in the real estate market of Georgia since 2012 and offers to purchase own housing from a catalog without intermediates, and with the opportunity to conclude a treaty remotely. You can find out more by leaving a request for a callback on the website, and we will call you back as soon as possible.


  • How to earn money from real estate in Gudauri

    You can sell apartments in 3-4 years after purchasing them, and get up to 40% of profit, or give them in rent, receiving 10-15% per annum.

  • What is the tax for real estate in Gudauri

    The tax for real estate is not spread for a natural person who is not registered as a taxpayer in Georgia.

  • How to receive permanent residency

    There are ten types of permanent residency in Georgia, each of which requires fulfilling certain conditions or corresponding to the requirements from foreign citizens. All conditions of getting permanent residency are described in the law “About the legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Georgia».

  • How can a foreigner invest money?

    A foreign citizen can purchase real estate in Georgia via an agent or a developer directly, paying money via a local bank or bank transfer.