New Gudauri by Redco

17 finished projects at the best mountain ski resort of Georgia. Enjoy winter season from December to May. Manage up to 18% annual passive income from renting out your apartment. DETAILED INFO

F Blocks-New Gudauri by Redco

Four finished residential buildings at the best mountain ski resort in Georgia- New Gudauri by Redco. DETAILED INFO

Twins - New Gudauri

New ready complex at the ski resort with snow-covered sunny slopes, ideal for a free ride DETAILED INFO

Bamboo Beach Tsikhisdziri - Batumi

New residential complex of premium class hotel type, 10 km from Batumi and 0.5 km from the Petra fortress DETAILED INFO
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Information for the investors

Georgia is the best option for the real estate investments
  • Liberal legislation

    Georgia has one of the most liberal visa laws in the world. When you purchase real estate it is easy to get a residence permit in the country.

  • Cheap real estate

    Georgia is one of the five European countries where you can buy real estate in the center of a large city such as Tbilisi at the price starting at USD 1,000 per square meter.

  • Developed tourism

    Tourism is the fastest growing sector of the Georgian economy, which annually attracts almost 2.5 billion investments to the country, directed mainly to real estate.

  • Minimum of formalities

    There is no real estate tax in Georgia, and a foreign citizen only needs a passport to buy a property.

Advantages of the Company

  • Quality of real estate - we use European construction technologies and practice an integrated approach to project implementation.

  • Mortgage for apartments - we offer our clients a mortgage in the Bank of Georgia or TBC Bank for up to 10 years under our guarantees.

  • Discounts for square meters - with 100% payment of the price of an apartment, we provide discounts on the cost of square meters, depending on the project.

  • Redco offers an internal 0% installment plan until the project is completed. The first installment is only 10%.




Redco is one of the largest real estate development companies in Georgia, founded in 2012.

Redco’s business portfolio includes premium class real estate: apart-hotels, residential buildings and hotels in Tbilisi, Batumi, Gudauri, Tsikhisdziri and Bakuriani. We repeatedly receive prestigious international awards in the field of construction and property management.

Our awards
  • 237 143 sq. m2

    put into operation

  • 103 872 sq. m2

    under construction

  • 100%

    of the planned projects put into operation

  • 44

    investors from 44 countries

  • 9 years

    of successful development in the real estate market in Georgia

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Purchase process


    • 10% (down payment) or full amount.
    • Interest-free installments until the end of construction.
    • Mortgage for 7 years.

    • Registration of ownership takes 15 minutes.
    • Personal presence is optional. The required documents are only a passport.

    • We will take care of all the worries about renting out apartments.
    • You will receive regular rental payments in your bank account.

Two formats of the real estate acquisition are possible. First, when a client transfers the entire cost of the apartment in the already built object, after which the underlying purchase/sale agreement is drawn up in the House of Justice of Georgia in client’s name. The second option - a client transfers the payment for the property in the apartment complex under construction, a preliminary purchase/sale agreement is concluded, and once the object is completed, the underlying purchase/sale agreement is concluded.


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  • Benefits of investing in Georgia real estate

    Purchasing property in Georgia is an opportunity to invest in real estate in one of the fastest growing countries, which were members of CIS and secure rental income of up to 15% per annum or profit from sale 3-5 years after purchase up to 40%.

  • Real estate transfer tax in Georgia

    In the event of sale, a property owner pays income tax in the amount of up to 5% if he or she is a tax resident of the country. There are no taxes on the sale of real estate for foreigners in Georgia.

  • Real estate loan in Georgia

    Georgian legislation enables foreigners to obtain real estate purchase loan. Redco Company offers its clients mortgages under its own guarantee at TBC Bank or Bank of Georgia for up to 7 years.

  • Real estate in Georgia: what to be care of?

    There are a lot of proposals for the sale of real estate in Georgia, and it can be difficult to find the most profitable option on your own without overpaying for square meters. That is why it is better to conclude a deal directly with a developer, without intermediaries.

Buying real estate in Georgia is an opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful, warm and safe countries in the world. Among the benefits of living in Georgia are amazing sea and mountain landscapes, clean air, cozy restaurants with delicious food and hospitable Georgians. Add to this the growth of the real estate market up to 30% per year, developed tourism and high interest from business - other good reasons to invest in Georgia's real estate. Development company Redco is your friend and partner, ready to offer the best real estate in Georgia at a price without intermediaries.